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 Advanced Network Programming
This course is an advanced programming in computer networks. The focus of the course is on the study of middleware and enabling technologies that are used in building networked and distributed environments and applications. Concepts such as open systems, interoperability, portability, integration are emphasized. Provide an in-depth understanding of major middleware and application level issues, as well as design and implementation skills in the development of applications using advanced network architectural model. For programming and developing part of this module we will use JAVA language.
Language: The class is taught in English.
Assistant: select one student to manage, handle and collect the assignments, projects, and LAB activities.
Final Examination: Written examination, (40%)
Courseworks: First coursework is compulsory + select one from number 2 or 3, (60%)
Coursework 1: A 15 pages research paper (individual) + presentation, (30% = 20% + 10%)
Coursework 2: A project by JAVA or C++ (Group based), (30%)
Coursework 3: Is based on a mini conference on Netwprk Securoty. Each group must select a topic after two first sessions and write a paper maximum 6 pages on that topic and present in the mini conference. Join to the mini conference is free for all students from other departments and faculty (A team of three members - Present at Mini Conference), Call for papers.pdf and Examiner review form.pdf (30% = 20% + 10%)
Lecture Notes
Session 01: Introduction to Network Security: Definitions, Computer Security Goals, Additional Goals, Attacks and Threats, Type of Attacks, Security services, Security Mechanism, Network Security Model
Coursework 1
Session 02: Symmetric Encryption – Message Confidentiality: Block Cipher, DES, 3DES, AES, Stream Cipher, RC4, Randomness, Symmetric Key Distribution
Session 03: Asymmetric Encryption – Message Authentication: Message Authentication, One-way Hash Functions, SHA, HMAC, Public-Key encryption structure, RSA, Diffie-Hellman, Digital Signature standard (DSS), Elliptic-curve cryptology (ECC)
Coursework 2
Session 04: Network Access Control and Cloud Security: Network Access Control (NAC), NAC Enforcement Methods, Authentication Protocol (AP), Authentication Methods, Cloud Computing, Cloud Computing Reference Architecture, Cloud Provider, Cloud Security Risks, Data Protection in the Cloud, Cloud Security as a Service (SecaaS)
Session 05: Wireless Network Security
Session 06: Email Security
Session 07: IP Security
Session 08: Malwar or Malicious software
Session 09: Intruders
Session 10: Firewalls
Session 11: Virus
Coursework 3
Materials in Persian: Session 1, Session 2, Session 3, Session 4, Session 5, Session 6, Session 7, Session 8, Session 9, Session 10, Session 11
New Brunswick, Canada