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 Computer Architecture
This course introduces the computer Architecture. Emphasis is placed on the design of computer systems and components; Processor design, instruction set design, and addressing; control structures and microprogramming; memory management, caches, and memory hierarchies; and interrupts and I/O structures.
Language: The class is taught in English.
Assistant: Select one student to manage, handle and collect the assignments, projects, and LAB activities.
Final Examination: Written examination, (40%)
Coursework 1: A 6 page paper (in a team of two students), (30% = 20% + 10%)
Coursework 2: A Project and Presentation (individually) , (30%)
Lecture Notes
Session 01: Top Level View
Session 02: Cache Memory
Session 03: Internal Memory
Session 04: External Memory
Session 05: Input / Output
Session 06: Arithmetic
Session 07: Instruction Sets 01
Session 08: Instruction Sets 02
Session 09: Processor Structure
Session 10: Control Unit
Session 11: Micro‚ÄźProgrammed
Session 12: Digital Logic
New Brunswick, Canada