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 Research Methodology and Publication
This course introduces the research methodology and publication. First emphasis is placed on major parts of research methodology and writing a dissertation. The major topics which selected for this area are:

What is the meaning of Research?
What is the difference between Search and Research?
What is the meaning of Research Methodology?
How many steps a Research has?
What constitutes a research topic?
How to select a research topic?
How can find a supervisor?
What is the difference betwen Basic and Applied Research?
What is the difference between Primary and Secondary Research?
What is the meaning of literature review or Related works?
Where is the sources of information for a research?
How to select an appropriate methodology?
What type of data should collect?
How to gather related data?
How to analyze gathered data?
How to draw a conclusions from data?
How to present research findings?
what is the meaning of Viva session?
How can manage a presentation in a Viva session?
What are the major questions of a Viva session?
Second emphasis is placed on the publication and writing a paper. The mjor topics which selected in this area are: How to write a research paper?
Is writing paper a skill?
What is the purpose of your paper?
what is the structure of a conference paper?
what is the structure of a journal paper
What is the Abstract?
What is the conclusion?
Lecture Notes
Session 00: Introduction
Session 01: Determine research topic
Session 02: Determine research topic
Session 03: Determine scope and time line
Session 04: How to find useful sources (LR/RW)
Session 05: Best methodology for your research
Session 06: Finding your “Ping”
Session 07: Data Collection, Test and Analysis
Session 08: Begin writing your first draft
Session 09: Prepare your final draft
Session 10: Publishing your research paper(s)
Session 11: Findign a Supervisor
Session 12: VIVA and related Questions
Session 01: Research Methodology
Session 02: Research Problem, Research Methods
Session 03: Design and Implementation , Test and Analysis
Session 04: Choosing A Supervisor Presentation and Defence
Session 05: Publication
Session 06: Conference Paper , Journal Paper , Book Chapter
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The workshop intends to help students either at Masters or Honours level, who have had no previous experience doing empirical research but who are already working towards formulating a research topic. Much of this short session will be devoted to an introduction of the key terms used in the writing of a research proposal. It is hoped that as a result of the discussion of these terms a basic understanding of the nature of the research product and the research process will be provided.
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New Brunswick, Canada