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Mohsen Moghanian, "Introduction of a novel approach for SYN Flood attack prevention: Auto Reverse DoS (ARD)", from IRAN, Graduated on November 2016 (MS) 2016
Arghavan Abouzar Jomehri, "The use of IoT in crisis management with the design of intelligent control for water cycle",from IRAN, Graduated on July 2016 (MS) 2016
Masoume Ghasemi, "Mobile E-business Malware detection based on network trasffic by decision tree algorithm", from IRAN, Graduated on July 2015 (MS) 2015
Mohsin R. Albayati, "A new Graphical Password Based on Decoy Image Portions (GP-DIP)", from Iraq, Graduated on July 2014 (MS) 2014
Ahmad Z. El-Rufai, "Pass-Coob a New Graphical Password Based onColors and Objects", from Nijerya , Graduated on July 2014 (MS) 2014
Gratian Shombosho, "A new Secure Authentication for Cloud Computing", from Uganda , Graduated on July 2014 (MS) 2014
Jugal Harshvadan Joshi, "An enhanced Quality model for IaaS Provider with Non-quantifiable Key Performance Indicators", from Tanzanya, Graduated on Dec 2013 (MS) 2013
Ali Naser Abdulhussein Abdulhussein, "An Efficient Load Balancing Algorithm for Virtualized Cloud Data Center", from Iraq, Graduated on Dec 2013 (MS) 2013
Atwine Mugume Twinamatsiko, "A Dynamic Workload Performance Optimization Model for Multiple-tenancy in Cloud Systems", From Uganda, Graduated on Dec 2013 (MS) 2013
Seyedeh Ghazal Ghalebandi, November 2012 (MS) 2012
Kanat Yesseyev,"Tri-Pass: A New Graphical Password", Graduated on Dec 2012 (BS) 2012
Mustafa M. Abdulrazaq,"Tri-Pass: A New Graphical Password", Graduated on Dec 2012 (BS) 2012
Ali Nader Mahmed Mahmed, Dec 2012 (BS) 2012
Ali Garba Garba, July 2012 (BS) 2012
Bade Aliyu Musa, July 2012 (BS) 2012
Kanammal A/P Sandrasekaran2, Dec 2012 (BS) 2012
Keamogetwe Oteng, Dec 2012 (BS) 2012
One Ndaba, Dec 2012 (BS) 2012
Nasrin Badeie, Dec 2011 (MS) 2011
Imam Musa Abiodunde Tele, Dec 2011 (BS) 2011
Mohammed A.Tahir, Dec 2011 (BS) 2011
Shahan Ahmad Chouwdhary, Dec 2011 (BS) 2011
Waqas Khalid Obeidy, Dec 2011 (BS) 2011
Samaneh Farmand, Dec 2010 (MS) 2010
Leila Ghasemi Sabet, "A New Algorithm On Gua Based On Multi-Line Grids", Dec 2011 (MS) 2011
Ashraf Abbas M. Al-Modwahi, Dec 2010 (BS) 2010
Bashir Abdu Muzakkari, July 2010 (BS) 2010
Chicco Mokhe, Dec 2010 (BS) 2010
Denis Bantariza, Dec 2010 (BS) 2010
Koh Boon San, Dec 2010 (BS) 2010
Mohammed Abdul Karim, July 2010 (BS) 2010
Mike Ng Ah Ngan, July 2010 (BS) 2010
Muazunasirudanmaliki, July 2010 (BS) 2010
Seyed Mostafa Hosseini, Dec 2010 (BS) 2010
Tan Yi Shin, Dec 2010 (BS) 2010
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